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Backlink Monitor

Monitor your backlinks health and receive notifications when they get down.

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Residential Proxies

Need residential IPs? Get high-quality Residential Proxies for your business

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Backlink Monitor

Link Monitor is an excellent link checker that will not just simply check for faulty backlinks but will also continue watching them for any alterations. Build up your Off-Page SEO rank with backlinks without ever worrying yourself again about health checks or uptime verifications. Get weekly notifications and concentrate only on what matters the most.

Backlink Monitor Benefits

API Access

You can add, modify or delete backlinks right from the free API

Unlimited Domains

Do you own multiple websites? Now, you can verify backlinks for an unlimited number of domains

7 Day Check

All backlinks are verified weekly by default and you will be instantly notified


All notifications are sent through webhooks. You will automatically receive reports when they are ready

Residential Proxies

Almost any online business needs residential IPs because they are real users’ IP addresses, and, therefore, virtually impossible to be detected. Residential proxies enable you to use genuine residential IPs and rendering a normal human behavior. Thus, it makes your browsing activity more stable while minimizing the odds of getting banned.

Residential proxies are perfect for web scraping, social media marketing, ad verification, SEO, automation tools, and so on.

Residential Proxies Benefits

API Access

Add, modify and delete proxies directly from the free API.

♾️ Connections

Make as many simultaneous connection requests as you want.

Instant Activation

Instantly activate your proxies after purchase without any waiting time.

Pay as you go

No minimum payments! Just pay when you need it.

Automated Setup

The setup is done automatically without the need to wait for human support.

Rotating IPs

Get Rotating Residential Proxies and use a fresh new IP at every request or after a set interval.

Money Back

No risks! Test our products and get your money back within 3 days after purchase if you aren’t satisfied. 


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